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    Garbage Disposal

    About this Video

    The ladies are tidying their place up before their "cool" guests arrive.

    Key Learning Points

    • asking questions
    • offering help
    • Model House

      About this Video

      A saleslady tries to flatter Bruce into buying a new house.

      Key Learning Points

      • stating options
      • persuading someone to take a course of action
      • Lazy Susan

        About this Video

        Shin learns that kitchen terms in foreign countries can be strange.

        Key Learning Points

        • asking for help
        • describing an object
        • Babysitting

          About this Video

          Babysitting is good for couples who want to go out and spend some time for themselves.

          Key Learning Points

          • inviting a friend
          • giving reasons
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            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 69 words and phrases from this unit.

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