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    The Lion Invites Friends Over

    About this Video

    The lion is having a bad day. (Part 1)

    Key Learning Points

    • asking for confirmation
    • checking emotional states
    • The Honest Sheep

      About this Video

      The sheep tells the lion what he really thinks. (Part 2)

      Key Learning Points

      • giving advice
      • expressing anger
      • The Lying Wolf

        About this Video

        A truth and a lie wouldn't satisfy the Mr. Lion. (Part 3)

        Key Learning Points

        • expressing disagreement
        • requesting others to do something
        • The Clever Fox

          About this Video

          The fox outsmarts the lion and gets home safe. (Part 4)

          Key Learning Points

          • attracting attention
          • showing understanding
          • Quiz Words from These Videos

            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 20 words and phrases from this unit.

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