TOEIC Review: Customers and Clients

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    Making a Complaint at the Customer Service

    About this Video

    A woman calls the customer service to complain the poor quality of the phone that she bought from the store.

  • BE, DO and CAN

    Key Learning Points

    • Use the question words BE, DO and CAN before the sentence subject to get yes or no answers.
    • The Wh- Question Words

      Key Learning Points

      • Use the words WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW before the verb in a sentence to get information.
      • Question Words + Pronouns

        Key Learning Points

        • Use tag questions to confirm something after a statement.
        • Use the words BE, HAVE, DO or modal verbs + a pronoun to form tag questions.
        • When the statement is positive, the verb in the tag question is negative.
        • When the statement is negative, the verb in the tag question is positive.
        • Questions

          Key Learning Points

          • Study and practice asking questions in this exercise.
          • Vocabulary

            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 10 words and phrases from this unit.