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    Flower Power

    About this Video

    To curb crimes in their area, people in Suginami, Japan plant flowers so they can watch who comes and goes outside.

    Key Learning Points

    • talking about a place
    • giving an example of a cause and effect
    • The Snowy Slopes of Dubai

      About this Video

      An indoor ski resort was built in a place where it never snows.

      Key Learning Points

      • explaining how something works
      • expressing changes and development
      • Rescuing Relics

        About this Video

        A private collector in Beijing has set up the Songtangzhai Folk Sculpture Museum where people can view Chinese folk art.

        Key Learning Points

        • describing a place
        • stating advantages
        • Quiz Words from These Videos

          About this Quiz

          Quiz yourself on 15 words and phrases from this unit.