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    How to Make Fried Rice

    About this Video

    A chef demonstrates how to cook up a great fried rice out of leftovers.

    Key Learning Points

    • greeting
    • demonstrating a process
    • How to Cook Stir-Fry Beef

      About this Video

      The Expert Village chef shows how to prepare an everyday Chinese dish.

      Key Learning Points

      • introducing oneself
      • stating purpose
      • How to Make a Strawberry Pie

        About this Video

        Six simple steps are followed for turning summer's fresh strawberries into a delicious pie.

        Key Learning Points

        • giving dos and don'ts
        • presenting facts
        • How to Make Deep-Fried Beer

          About this Video

          Now you have an excuse to enjoy your beer without getting drunk.

          Key Learning Points

          • requesting others to do something
          • providing historical fact
          • Quiz Words from These Videos

            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 20 words and phrases from this unit.

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