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    Meeting a Colleague at the Airport

    About this Video

    Two friends meet at the airport and talk about a long flight.

    Key Learning Points

    • greeting someone at the airport
    • offering help
    • Getting Into the Taxi

      About this Video

      Taxis make it possible for people to go wherever they want conveniently.

      Key Learning Points

      • describing a place
      • expressing gratitude
      • Attending a Farewell Party

        About this Video

        Saying farewell to a friend is always difficult, but one way to ease the pain is to throw a goodbye party.

        Key Learning Points

        • talking about plans
        • expressing feelings
        • Saying Farewell

          About this Video

          It is really hard to say goodbye to new friends, especially if we had a lot of good memories with them.

          Key Learning Points

          • saying goodbye
          • expressing gratitude
          • Quiz Words from These Videos

            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 20 words and phrases from this unit.

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