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    Japanese Students Learn English from Obama's Speeches

    About this Video

    Japan's Kaplan English School students study the president's speeches line by line.

    Key Learning Points

    • greetings
    • persuading someone to take a course of action
    • J. Edgar: "Even Great Men Can Be Corrupted"

      About this Video

      This film tells a story of a powerful and well-respected FBI director and how he faces the challenges in his job.

      Key Learning Points

      • giving advice
      • expressing fears and doubts
      • What Is Leadership?

        About this Video

        People are asked about the meaning of leadership and they gave various definitions to the word.

        Key Learning Points

        • asking for and giving information
        • defining terms
        • Girl Scouts: The Leaders of Tomorrow

          About this Video

          Girl Scouting changes young women's lives by helping them discover their innate potential to lead.

          Key Learning Points

          • expressing the purpose of things
          • stating advantages
          • Quiz Words from These Videos

            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 20 words and phrases from this unit.

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