Exciting Activities 1

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    Wacky Festivals

    About this Video

    It's not just cheese that drives the runners to win Brockworth annual cheese rolling festival.

    Key Learning Points

    • discussing the game mechanic
    • tracing past events
    • Taiko Dojo: Traditional Drumming

      About this Video

      The powerful beat of 'taiko', a Japanese drum, is said to bless crops and has reached other countries.

      Key Learning Points

      • relating activity with feelings
      • describing beliefs
      • Hawaii's Hula Hoop

        About this Video

        A story on the hula in Hawaii, including its history, halaus, and the Merrie Monarch festival hula competition.

        Key Learning Points

        • narrating past stories
        • describing culture
        • Quiz Words from These Videos

          About this Quiz

          Quiz yourself on 20 words and phrases from this unit.

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