Remarkable People 1

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    Women Rodeo

    About this Video

    Women are as brave as men when it comes to riding bulls and roping cattle.

    Key Learning Points

    • making comparisons
    • expressing abilities
    • Korea's Cheju Women Divers: Meet the Haenyos

      About this Video

      A group of legendary women divers called haenyos have made their living from the sea.

      Key Learning Points

      • expressing preferences
      • describing a job
      • Korea's Cheju Women Divers: The Dangers

        About this Video

        In Cheju, a beautiful island in Korea, a group of daring women go to great lengths and depths to make a living.

        Key Learning Points

        • stating reasons
        • identifying risks
        • Quiz Words from These Videos

          About this Quiz

          Quiz yourself on 21 words and phrases from this unit.