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    An Introduction to Banking

    About this Video

    Did you know that banking comes from the word 'bank', which means 'banca' in Italian?

    Key Learning Points

    • describing historical background
    • defining banking terms
    • What Is a Bank?

      About this Video

      A presenter explains the difference between banks and financial institutions.

      Key Learning Points

      • making comparisons
      • giving definitions
      • Categories of Banks

        About this Video

        There are three kinds of banking institutions that offer different services.

        Key Learning Points

        • giving definitions
        • describing financial institutions
        • Bank Roles and Functions

          About this Video

          The variety of services that a bank offers depends on the type of bank and the country.

          Key Learning Points

          • talking about a current situation
          • giving information
          • Quiz Words from These Videos

            About this Quiz

            Quiz yourself on 20 words and phrases from this unit.

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