What Makes a Good Telephone Call?

An employee asks her experienced colleague for tips on calling customers.

Level 3  |  Social  |  Telephone,Conversations  |  Duration: 00:45
Source: EnglishCentral CO


Video Transcript

  • Linda
  • Would it be possible to get some tips from you for calling customers?
  • Mark
  • Sure, I can show you the plan I use when I call customers.
  • Linda
  • You prepare everything you're going to say before you call?
  • Mark
  • No. But I have an outline I follow for calls.
  • Mark
  • If it is a "cold call", I greet the customer and identify myself,...
  • Mark
  • ...then I tell them the reason for my call.
  • Linda
  • You don't start the conversation with small talk?
  • Mark
  • No. I get to the point by politely asking if they are interested. It saves time.
  • Linda
  • Do you ever leave messages for people on their voice mail?
  • Mark
  • Not usually. And if I get a busy signal, I call that person again later in the day.

Featured Words Level

  • VOICE MAIL (Noun) 7
  • TIP (Noun) 4
  • GREET (Verb) 4
  • PREPARE (Verb) 3


Comprehension Questions

  1. How did the man respond to his colleague's request?
    1. He gave her advice.
    2. He asked additional questions.
    3. He ignored her question.
    4. He did not answer her question.

  2. How can a person prepare for a call?
    1. by having a script
    2. by having an outline
    3. by practicing
    4. by taking voice lessons

  3. How can a caller save time?
    1. by speaking very quickly
    2. by making small talk
    3. by timing their call
    4. by politely asking the person about their interests

Discussion Questions

  1. What kind of work are the speakers in the video involved in? Explain your answer.

  2. What advice will you give the woman in the video?

  3. How do you respond to calls from sales people?