The Imitation Game: Secret Codes

A mathematician tries to break an enemy code to help his country win a war.

Level 3  |  Media  |  Movies/Drama  |  Duration: 00:48
Source: Black Bear Pictures


Video Transcript

  • What did you do during the war?
  • I worked in a radio factory.
  • What did you really do during the war?
  • Welcome to Enigma.
  • I'm designing a machine to break every German message instantly.
  • What is it that we're doing?
  • We're going to break an unbreakable Nazi code and win the war.
  • You'll never understand the importance of what I'm creating here!
  • Our patience has expired.
  • Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of...
  • ...who do the things that no one can imagine.

Featured Words Level

  • EXPIRE (Verb) 5
  • INSTANTLY (Adverb) 4
  • CREATE (Noun) 4
  • CODE (Noun) 4
  • IMAGINE (Verb) 3


Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the video about?
    1. the man who broke a Nazi code
    2. a man who was captured by Nazis
    3. the man who started World War II
    4. a man who was enlisted in the army

  2. Why were they trying to break a Nazi code?
    1. to win the war
    2. to get a reward
    3. to brag about it
    4. to become famous

  3. Why was the man in the video asked the same question twice?
    1. The man who interviewed him didn't hear him.
    2. The man who interviewed him didn't believe him.
    3. The man who interviewed him knew his friends.
    4. The man who interviewed him was making fun of him.

Discussion Questions

  1. If your country goes to war, would you enlist in the army? Why or why not?

  2. Do you think wars can be prevented? How?

  3. Name one person who played a significant role in shaping your country's history.