Software Engineering 101

Learn the topics and skills that students will learn throughout a basic software engineering course.

Level 4  |  Academic  |  Engineering  |  Duration: 00:47
Source: Express Publishing


Video Transcript

  • ´╗┐This class focuses on computer software.
  • It covers various elements of development and programming.
  • The students will learn to design and develop programs.
  • The objective is to write useful computer software.
  • Small groups of students will complete several short projects.
  • These focus on programming-in-the-small.
  • The whole class will work together on programming-in-the-large.
  • This project runs throughout the entire semester.
  • The students will also install and test their own software artifacts.
  • This is an opportunity to investigate any software development problems.
  • Finally, students will evaluate the correctness of each other's software.
  • Student reviews are part of the final grade.

Featured Words Level

  • ARTIFACT (Noun) 7
  • EVALUATE (Verb) 6
  • INVESTIGATE (Verb) 5
  • DESIGN (Verb) 4
  • SOFTWARE (Noun) 3


Comprehension Questions

  1. According to the video, which is not included in the course?
    1. how to write software
    2. the history of software development
    3. the steps for investigating problems
    4. testing other students' software

  2. What will the students do for each other?
    1. adjust development plans
    2. recommend career paths
    3. install software
    4. evaluate performance

  3. What is true of the programming-in-the-small project?
    1. It involves small groups of students.
    2. It is the first step in writing a program.
    3. It deals with the main framework of a program.
    4. It is used to install programs.

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the things you consider when you are looking for a job?

  2. Do you think being a software engineer is hard? Explain your answer.

  3. Why are students in the video allowed to test and check their classmates' work? What skill can they get from that?