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10 Ways to Memorize English Words

Are you tired of forgetting newly learned English words as soon as you close your textbook or finish your language lesson? If so, you’re not alone! The challenge of memorizing English vocabulary can be a frustrating roadblock on your journey to fluency. But fear not, because in this blog post, we’re going to reveal 10 proven ways to supercharge your English word retention.

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One of the best things about reading often is that it helps you learn new words. When you read books, articles, and different texts, you come across many words and phrases you might not hear in everyday conversations. This helps you expand your vocabulary and have more words to use when you talk or write. The benefits of regular reading go far beyond leisure and entertainment. Reading is a powerful tool for expanding your vocabulary and introducing you to diverse contexts in which words are used.

Choose Word

“Choose Word” is a fundamental step in your language learning journey. Selecting the right words to learn is a crucial aspect of mastering a new language. The choice of words can greatly impact your language learning journey, ensuring that your efforts are focused and purposeful.

When you choose the words you want to learn, you’re essentially shaping your vocabulary and linguistic capabilities.

The words you select should be relevant to your goals. For example, if you’re learning English for business purposes, focusing on industry-specific terminology is essential. If you’re learning for travel, everyday phrases and vocabulary will be more useful.

Choosing words that pique your interest or relate to your hobbies can make the learning process more enjoyable. When you find words fascinating, you’re more likely to remember them.

Adapt your word selection to your current level of proficiency. Beginners should start with basic vocabulary, while advanced learners can challenge themselves with more complex words.

Consider how frequently you’ll use the chosen words. Practical, high-frequency words are often more beneficial than rare, obscure vocabulary.

Take a Note and Attach It Where It Will Be In Your View

One of the proven strategies for memorizing English words is the physical act of noting them down and placing those notes in prominent, visible locations within your daily life. This approach ensures that the words remain within your field of vision, serving as constant reminders for you to reinforce your memory. We will delve into how this technique can effectively integrate word memorization into your daily routine and make the learning process practically effortless.

Visualize the Word You Learned

The power of visualization in language learning cannot be overstated. Creating mental images associated with the words you are trying to remember can significantly enhance your recall. In this section, we will explore the science behind this technique and provide practical advice on how to apply it effectively. You’ll discover that visualizing words is a creative and engaging way to embed vocabulary into your long-term memory.

Use in a Sentence

Learning a word in isolation can only take you so far; to truly make it a part of your active vocabulary, you must use it in context. This is where the “Use in a Sentence” method comes into play. By incorporating new words into sentences and real-life scenarios, you gain a deeper understanding of their meaning and application.

Use Helping Words

Expanding your English vocabulary can be made easier by connecting new words with those you already know. In this section, we will explore the concept of using “helping words” or associating new vocabulary with related or similar words that are already part of your language repertoire. This technique not only accelerates your word retention but also enhances your overall understanding of English language structures.

Memorize Your Favorite Songs, Watch Foreign Series and Movies

Learning a language can be an entertaining and immersive experience, and this is where the fun side of language learning comes into play. By integrating your passion for music, series, and movies with language learning, you can effectively remember words in context.

Playing Games in English

“Gamification” has become an increasingly popular approach to language learning, turning memorization into an interactive and enjoyable experience. You can also simply turn your game’s language into English and this will also help memorizing new words.

Read English Dictionary

While reading a dictionary might not initially sound like the most exciting way to learn English, it can be a powerful resource for building your vocabulary. You’ll be surprised at how a dictionary can become your trusted companion on your language learning journey, helping you explore new words and their meanings in a structured and educational manner.


When it comes to memorizing English words, the key is practice. You might find the words sound good in your head, but the real challenge is whether you can effectively recall and use them when it comes to practical application. So, keep practicing, and soon those words will become a natural part of your vocabulary. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions About 10 Ways to Memorize English Words

How to Learn English Vocabulary?

Learning English words involves reading, listening, speaking, and practicing regularly. You can use books, apps, and online courses to help you.

How to memorize English words easily?

To remember English words, try making associations, using flashcards, and practicing in real-life situations. Consistency and repetition are key.

What should we do to memorize English words?

To memorize words well, use various methods like lists, flashcards, and talking with native speakers. Make the process fun and relevant to your needs.

How many words in English are memorized in a day?

The number of words you can learn in a day varies. It’s better to set achievable goals and focus on quality, not quantity, to avoid forgetting them. A steady approach works best.

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