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Feelings and Emotions in English

Talking about our feelings and emotions in English helps us share how we feel with others. It’s important to know different words for our feelings so we can tell people when we’re happy, sad, scared, or excited. This helps us understand each other better and build strong friendships. In this guide, we’ll learn simple ways to talk about our emotions in English. Whether you’re learning English or just want to get better at talking about how you feel, this will help you say what’s on your mind.

List of Positive Feelings and Emotions (From A-Z)

Explore our comprehensive A-Z list of positive feelings and emotions of joyful and uplifting experiences one can experience. From “admiration” to “zeal,” this collection offers a diverse array of terms that describe the spectrum of positive feelings and emotions.

AccomplishedFeeling of having achieved success
AdmirationRespect and warm approval
AdorationDeep love and respect
AffectionA fond or tender feeling
AltruisticSelflessly concerned for others
AmazedGreatly surprised or astonished
AmusedEntertained or humorously engaged
AppreciativeRecognizing and enjoying value
ArdentVery enthusiastic or passionate
AstonishedSurprised or impressed greatly
AwareHaving knowledge or perception
AwedFilled with wonder
BeautifulAesthetic pleasure or admiration
BeguiledCharmed or enchanted, often deceptively
BelongingFeeling acceptance in a group
BenevolentKindly and well-meaning
BlissfulExtremely happy; full of joy
BoastfulShowing excessive pride and self-satisfaction
BraveReady to face and endure danger
BrightIntelligent; clever or quick-witted
BuoyantCheerful and optimistic
CalmPeaceful, quiet, and without worry
CaptivatedAttracted and held interest intensely
CarefreeFree from anxiety or responsibility
CaringDisplaying kindness and concern
CharmedDelighted or fascinated
CheerfulNoticeably happy and optimistic
ComfortableFree from stress or fear
CommittedDedicated or bound to something
CompassionateFeeling or showing sympathy and concern
ComposedSerenely self-controlled; calm
ConfidentFeeling or showing certainty about something
ContentSatisfied with what one has
ContentedFeeling or showing satisfaction
CordialWarm and friendly
CourageousNot deterred by danger or pain
CozyComfortable, warm, and relaxing
CreativeUsing imagination or original ideas
CuriousEager to know or learn
DazzledAmazed or overwhelmed by brilliance
DelightedFeeling great pleasure
DeterminedResolutely purposeful and unwavering
DreamyWonderful; delightful in a dream-like way
EagerKeenly interested or enthusiastic
EcstaticOverwhelmingly happy or joyful
ElatedEcstatically happy
EmpoweredGiven power or authority
EnchantedFilled with delight; charmed
EncouragedGiven support, confidence, or hope
EnergizedGiven vitality and enthusiasm
EnthralledCaptured the fascinated attention of
EnthusiasticShowing intense and eager enjoyment
ExcitedVery enthusiastic and eager
ExhilaratedFeeling very happy, animated, or elated
ExuberantFilled with lively energy and excitement
FaithfulLoyal, devoted
FascinatedIntensely interested or attracted
FondHaving affection or liking
ForgivingReady to forgive
FriendlyKind and pleasant
FulfilledSatisfied or happy because of fully developing one's abilities or character
GallantBrave; heroic
GenerousShowing a readiness to give more
GiddyDizzy; lightheartedly silly
GladPleased; delighted
GleamingShining brightly
GleefulExuberantly or triumphantly joyful
GloriousHaving a striking beauty or splendour
GlowingExpressing great praise
GoofySilly; funny
GorgeousBeautiful; very attractive
GraciousCourteous, kind, and pleasant
GratefulFeeling or showing thanks
HappyFeeling or showing pleasure
HardworkingDiligently applying effort
HarmoniousForming a pleasing or consistent whole
HeartfeltDeeply and sincerely felt
HeartwarmingEmotionally rewarding or uplifting
HeavenlyDelightful; wonderful
High-spiritedEnergetic and cheerful
HonorableDeserving of respect or high regard
HonoredFeeling respect or distinction
HopefulFeeling or inspiring optimism
HumbleHaving a modest or low view of one's importance
HumbledFeeling less important or proud
InspiredFilled with the urge to do something
InterestedShowing curiosity or concern
InvigoratedGiven vitality and strength
InvincibleFeeling unbeatable or unstoppable
JocosePlayfully humorous
JocundCheerfully light-hearted
JovialFull of high spirits and happiness
JoyfulExperiencing great joy
JoyousOverflowing with happiness
JubilantFull of jubilation or triumph
KeenEagerly enthusiastic
KindheartedShowing kindness and care
LaughingExpressing amusement or joy through laughter
Light-heartedCasually cheerful and light-hearted
LivelyFull of life and energy
LoyalShowing steadfast loyalty or faithfulness
LucidClearly expressed or easily understood
LuckyFeeling fortunate or lucky
MarvelousCausing great wonder or admiration
MeditativeThoughtfully reflective or contemplative
MerryCheerfully festive and joyful
MotivatedFeeling driven or encouraged to act
NurturedFeeling supported and cared for
OptimisticFeeling hopeful and positive about the future
OverjoyedOverflowing with extreme joy or happiness
PassionateShowing strong emotion or belief
PatientEnduringly patient or tolerant
PeacefulFree from disturbance; tranquil
PleasedFeeling pleasure or satisfaction
PoliteShowing manners and courtesy
ProudFeeling pride in oneself or achievements
RadiantShining brightly with joy or health
ReassuredFeeling comforted or less worried
RejuvenatedFeeling restored or revitalised
RelaxedFeeling calm and free from stress
RelievedFeeling freedom from anxiety or distress
ResilientAble to recover quickly from difficulties
RespectfulShowing admiration or deference
ReverentFeeling deep respect or admiration
RobustStrong and healthy; vigorous
SanguineOptimistically confident in outcome
SatisfiedContent and gratified
SecureFeeling safe and protected
SensationalFeeling remarkably good or impressive
SincereHonest and heartfelt
SpiritedFull of energy and enthusiasm
SurprisedTaken by surprise; astonished
SympatheticFeeling empathy and understanding
TenderShowing gentleness and care
Tender-heartedKind and gentle in nature
ThrilledFeeling extremely pleased or happy
TranquilFree from disturbance or turmoil
TrustingBelieving in reliability or truth
UnwaveringFirmly fixed or constant
ValiantShowing courage and determination
ValidatedFeeling recognized and supported
ValuedFeeling appreciated and important
VibrantFull of life and energy
VictoriousFeeling triumphant or successful
VigilantWatchful and alert
VivaciousLively and full of energy
WarmFeeling warmth and affection
WelcomedReceived with happiness and relief
WelcomingFriendly and hospitable
WholesomeConducive to well-being; beneficial
WillingPrepared to act or proceed
WiseShowing experience, knowledge, and good judgement
WorshipfulFeeling profound respect or devotion
Yearned ForHaving a strong desire or longing
YouthfulAppearing fresh and exuberant
ZealFull of energy and enthusiasm
ZealousShowing great energy for a cause
ZenFeeling peaceful and calm

List of Negative Feelings and Emotions (From A-Z)

Discover our A-Z list of negative feelings and emotions, a guide to understanding expressing the challenging moments we all face. This list provides a comprehensive range of words that describe the less joyful, yet equally important, aspects of our emotional spectrum. Here, you can find a list of negative feelings and emotions.

AbandonedLeft alone, deserted
AggravatedAnnoyed, made worse
AgitatedDisturbed, excited nervously
AgonyExtreme physical or mental suffering
AlarmedFrightened, concerned
AngerFeeling of being upset or annoyed
AnguishSevere mental or physical pain
AnimosityStrong hostility
AnnoyedSlightly angry, irritated
AnxietyFeeling of worry, nervousness
ApatheticShowing or feeling no interest
ApprehensiveAnxious or fearful about the future
AshamedEmbarrassed or guilty because of actions
AwkwardFeeling of embarrassment or inconvenience
BashfulReluctant to draw attention, shy
BereavedSuffering the death of a loved one
BetrayedFeeling of being deceived
BewilderedConfused or puzzled
BitterAngry, hurt, or resentful because of bad experiences
BlueSad or depressed
BoredFeeling weary because one is unoccupied
BrokenCrushed by grief
BroodingShowing deep unhappiness of thought
BrutalCruelly violent or harsh
BurdenedCarrying a heavy load, physically or emotionally
Burned outSuffering from overwork or stress
ClamorousLoud and demanding
ColdLacking affection or warmth
ComplacentSmug and uncritically satisfied with oneself
ConfusedUnable to think clearly
CovetousHaving a great desire to possess something
CrankyEasily irritated or annoyed
CruelWillingly causing pain or suffering
CrushedOverwhelmed by a sense of defeat
CulpableDeserving blame
CursedAfflicted with bad luck
CynicalDistrusting of human sincerity
DefeatedOvercome by adversity
DeflatedEmotionally let down or depleted
DelinquentNeglecting duties or law-breaking
DemoralizedLosing confidence or hope
DepressedIn a state of unhappiness or despondency
DesolateFeeling abandoned and lonely
DespairLoss of hope
DetachedDisconnected, emotionally removed
DevastatedOverwhelmed by shock or grief
DisappointedSad or displeased because expectations were not met
DisarmedMade less hostile or suspicious
DiscouragedHaving lost confidence or enthusiasm
DisgustStrong disapproval or revulsion
DisgustedFeeling revulsion or profound disapproval
DisheartenedLosing determination or confidence
DismalDepressing or dreary
DismayedFeeling distress, typically at something unexpected
DisorientedConfused and not knowing where to go or what to do
DistraughtDeeply upset and agitated
DistressedSuffering from anxiety, sorrow, or pain
DoubtfulFeeling uncertain about something
DownFeeling unhappy or depressed
DownheartedFeeling low and lacking hope
DreadfulCausing or involving great suffering or fear
DubiousHesitating or doubting
EmbarrassedFeeling ashamed and awkward
EnragedVery angry, furious
ExasperatedIntensely irritated and frustrated
ExhaustedExtremely tired
FearfulFeeling afraid; showing fear
ForebodingFeeling that something bad will happen
FrustratedUpset or annoyed as a result of inability to change or achieve something
FuriousExtremely angry
GriefIntense sorrow, especially caused by someone's death
GrievedFeeling sorrow for a loss
GrudgePersistent feeling of ill will or resentment
GrumpyBad-tempered and irritable
GuiltyResponsible for wrongdoing
HarassedFeeling stressed or tormented
HauntedPreoccupied with or constantly worrying about something
HeartbrokenSuffering from overwhelming distress or sorrow
HollowFeeling a sense of emptiness or void
HomesickExperiencing a longing for one's home during a period of absence
HostileShowing or feeling opposition or dislike
HumiliatedMade to feel ashamed or foolish
HurtFeeling emotional pain or distress
IgnoredFeeling overlooked or disregarded
ImpatientUnable to wait willingly or eagerly
InadequateFeeling insufficient or not good enough
IncensedVery angry; enraged
InsecureNot confident or assured; anxious
InsultedFeeling disrespected or scorned
IntimidatedFeeling frightened or overawed
IrkedAnnoyed or irritated
IrritatedShowing annoyance or impatience
IsolatedFeeling alone or separated from others
JealousFeeling envious of someone's achievements or advantages
LonelySad because one has no friends or company
LostUnable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts
MadVery angry
MiserableUnhappy or uncomfortable
MisapprehendedMisunderstood or misinterpreted
MisguidedLed or directed wrongly
MisjudgedFormed a wrong opinion or conclusion about someone or something
MisunderstoodNot interpreted or understood correctly
MournfulFeeling or expressing sorrow or grief
NervousEasily agitated or alarmed; apprehensive or anxious
OffbeatUnconventionally different; quirky
OutragedFeeling fierce anger or shock
OverburdenedOverloaded with too much responsibility or pressure
OverwhelmedOverpowered emotionally
PainedAffected with discomfort or sorrow
PanickedOvercome by sudden fear or anxiety
ParanoidSuspecting something is harmful without evidence
PessimisticSeeing the worst aspect of things
PityFeeling sorrow for the misfortunes of others
PressuredFeeling stressed by demands or urgencies
ProvokedStimulated to anger or irritation
QuerulousComplaining in a petulant or whining manner
RejectedDismissed as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one's taste
RegretfulFeeling sad or disappointed over something that has happened
RepentantShowing or feeling regret for wrongdoing
ResentfulFeeling bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly
SadFeeling or showing sorrow; unhappy
ScaredFrightened; afraid
ShamefulDeserving or causing shame or disgrace
SoreFeeling upset or angry
StressFeeling mental or emotional strain or tension
StressedExperiencing pressure or tension
TerrifiedExtremely afraid
TiredIn need of rest or sleep; weary
TormentedSuffering intense pain or anguish
TragicCausing or characterised by extreme distress or sorrow
UnappreciatedNot recognized for one's effort or qualities
UncomfortableNot at ease or causing discomfort
UnderappreciatedNot valued or recognized enough
UneasyCausing or feeling anxiety; not comfortable
UnfulfilledNot having achieved one's potential or desires
UnhappyNot happy; sad
UnheardNot listened to or regarded
UnimpressedNot feeling admiration or respect
UnlovedNot feeling loved or cherished
UnmotivatedLacking desire or willingness to do something
UnpleasantNot enjoyable or pleasant
UpsetUnhappy, disappointed, or worried
ViolatedFeeling disrespect or infringement of rights
VexedAnnoyed, frustrated, or worried
WorriedAnxious or troubled about actual or potential problems
WrathfulFull of intense anger
WretchedIn a very unhappy or unfortunate state

Examples about Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and emotions sometimes can be challenging to express while learning and getting better at a new language. In English, we use different types of sentences to reflect our emotions and feelings during the moment and after. Phrases like “I am,” “I feel,” and “I’m feeling” help us to express what we are feeling. Here, you can find some simple and complex examples of how feelings and emotions are expressed in English.
The delay in the flight schedule left her feeling agitated and anxious about missing her connecting flight.
The new parents were utterly exhausted, having not slept through the night for weeks.
Forgetting his friend’s birthday made him feel incredibly guilty, so he planned a surprise to make up for it.
He was disappointed by the cancellation of the concert he had been looking forward to for months.
He was resentful of his colleague’s rapid promotion, feeling his own contributions had been overlooked.
Arriving in the new neighborhood, they felt warmly welcomed by the friendly faces greeting them.
After hearing the good news from the doctor, they felt relieved and embraced each other in tears of joy.
She felt proud of her accomplishments, reflecting on the hard work it took to reach her goals.
Listening to the motivational speaker, she felt inspired to pursue her dreams with renewed vigor.
After receiving help from a stranger, he felt deeply grateful for the kindness of people.
He was delighted to find an old friend waiting at his doorstep, bringing back memories of their childhood adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feelings and Emotions

What are feelings and emotions in English?

Feelings and emotions are subjective experiences that arise from one’s reactions to situations, thoughts, or physiological states, reflecting both mental and physical aspects of personal experience.

What are 20 feelings?

Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love, disgust, surprise, embarrassment, pride, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, gratitude, curiosity, excitement, disappointment, relief, loneliness, and hate are twenty most common feelings.

How can I express my emotions and feelings in English?

You can express your emotions and feelings in English by using descriptive adjectives, and employing phrases that directly state how you feel, such as “I feel,” “I am,” or “I’m feeling.”

Is there a difference between emotions and feelings?

Yes, emotions are physiological states triggered by external stimuli, while feelings are the subjective interpretations and experiences of these emotions.

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