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Daily English
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Furniture plays an essential role in our daily lives. When learning English, you need to know the types of furniture. Let’s explore types of furniture such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. We have alphabetically listed furniture words for you.

Types of Furniture

These are the types of furniture you should learn from our daily life.
Bathroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture
Kitchen Furniture
Living Room Furniture

Bathroom Furniture Vocabulary

We have prepared a table mostly used in Bathroom Furniture Vocabulary and its meanings that they are useful to you.

Bathroom Furniture VocabularyMeaning
Bath MatA piece of material placed on a bathroom floor to prevent sliding.
Bathroom CabinetA cabinet unit in the bathroom to place hygiene products.
Bathroom ShelfA shelf used for holding shower items.
BathtubA long plastic or ceramic container filled with water, used for bathing.
CombA small tool used for brushing.
HairbrushA tool used for brushing.
HairdryerA device used for blowing warm air to dry someone’s hair.
Laundry basketA large container is stored inside dirty clothes until they are washed.
MirrorA reflective surface that reflects an image.
Medicine CabinetA cabinet used for keeping medical products.
Nail ClippersA tool used for cutting fingernails.
RadiatorA device that provides heat in a room.
RazorA tool with a sharp blade used for removing hair.
ScaleA device used for measuring weight.
ShampooA type of hair-washing product that cleanses the hair.
Shaving creamA gel applied to the skin before shaving.
ShowerThe act of washing oneself, a device that flows water.
SoapA cleaning product for bathing.
SpongeA cleaning product used for scrubbing the body.
TapA device that controls the flow of water in sinks and showers.
TissueA piece of soft material used for hygiene.
ToiletA fitting used for human waste disposal.
Toilet PaperA long roll of soft paper used for cleaning after using the toilet.
ToothbrushA device for dental hygiene
ToothpasteA dental hygiene product used for cleaning teeth.
TowelA piece of soft material used for drying the body or items when wet.
Trash canA container used for waste.
Washing machineAn electronic device used for washing dirty clothes.

Let’s examine here are example sentences about Bathroom Furniture Vocabulary in order to learn more details.
Luca put his shampoo on the bathroom cabinet.
When he takes a shower, he steps into the bath mat.
My mother arranged to place some toilet paper and towels on the bathroom shelves.
The baby enjoys playing with some plastic duck toys in the bathtub.
The little girl uses her comb to brush and braid her hair.
I use a hairbrush to brush my hair.
After the shower, the cat’s fur is dried by the hairdryer.
Don’t forget to put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket.
His fingernails are cut by the nail clippers.
Stella does makeup in front of the mirror.
When you get injured, immediately look into the medicine cabinet.
Before taking the shower, you should operate the radiator.
My father cuts his beard with a razor.
The technological scale helps you keep track of your weight and monitor your fitness
During the shower, using shampoo is beneficial to promote hair growth.
If you want to get pranked by someone, you can use shaving cream.
After the breakup, she went to the bathroom in order to take a shower, and she felt better.
Since Saturday, he hasn’t taken a shower because the shower was broken.
My grandma loves washing soap even though it hurts her eyes.
A sponge bath helps gently scrub your body without too much scratching the skin.
Fortunately, she was shocked when she realized that the tap was leaking water.
Too much wasting tissue causes the toiletto get clogged.
Because of having diarrhea, he runs to the market to buy toilet paper.
An electric toothbrush is healthier than a manual toothbrush for many reasons.
Do not use human toothpaste on your cat’s teeth.
It is advisable to wash towels every 2–3 days.
After the photographs are cut, they are thrown away into the trash can.
Gerald is so concerned about preserving the colors of his clothes that he prefers washing them manually rather than using a washing machine.

Bedroom Furniture Vocabulary

We have prepared a table mostly used in Bedroom Furniture Vocabulary and its meanings that they are useful to you.

Bedroom Furniture VocabularyMeaning
Air purifierA device that cleans and purifies the air in a room by improving air quality.
BedA piece of furniture designed for sleeping.
Bedside TableA small table placed next to a bed, used for holding items like a bottle of water and framework.
BlanketA fabric used to provide warmth while resting.
BookcaseA piece of furniture with shelves
ChairA piece of furniture designed for sitting on.
ClockA device that shows and measures time.
ComputerAn electronic device used for studying and working etc.
CurtainA piece of material used to cover windows.
HangerA curved piece of material used for hanging clothes to keep them organized.
LampAn electric device that enlightens the room.
MattressA thick pad placed on a bed frame to comfort sleeping.
PillowA cushion that is placed under the head.
RugA piece of carpet designed to cover a floor.
WardrobeA large piece of furniture used for storing clothes and personal belongings.
WorktableA table, used for working and studying.

Let’s examine here are example sentences about Bedroom Furniture Vocabulary in order to learn more details.
Using an air purifier contributes to boosting your sleep health in the bedroom.
Fortunately, the baby fell asleep and she was able to go to bed.
Before going to sleep, she sat on the bed and looked at her family photographs on the bedside table.
Every day, Oliver has to clean and organize his books and plants in the bookcase because his cat, Lucky, spoils them.
Last Saturday, while Lucy was watching a horror movie, she thought of seeing a ghost because of her white blanket.
While the old man was daydreaming about his possible better days, he fell from the chair.
Yesterday, I could not sleep very well because the clock’s ticks were playing on my mind.
My grandma knows how to use my computer, so she enjoys watching TV series and films on Netflix.
After the work shift, he pulled the curtain and rested on the bed while watching a sitcom series.
She finishes ironing all the clothes as soon as she folds them into the hangers.
Every night, she forgets to turn off the lamp and ends up tricking the cat into getting close to it.
She purchased a double mattress due to getting married.
The baby often vomits on his pillow while sleeping.
Antonio likes buying Turkish rugs and places them in his bedroom.
Because he has a lot of suits and shoes, he ordered a large wardrobe from IKEA.
This year, Maria will study at the University of Sorbonne in the Department of Architecture. She insists on changing the work table, despite her family’s rejections.

Kitchen Furniture Vocabulary

We have prepared a table mostly used in Kitchen Furniture Vocabulary and its meanings that they are useful to you.

Kitchen Furniture VocabularyMeanings
BinA plastic container used for collecting garbage.
BlenderAn electric kitchen item used for blending and mixing to make other foods.
BowlA round dish used for serving food
CabinetA piece of furniture with shelves stored on kitchen items.
Coffee machineA device used to make coffee.
CupA small item used for drinking beverages.
Dish soapA cleaning detergent used for washing dishes.
DishwasherA large device that operates automatically, cleaning the dishes and utensils.
ForkA kitchen dish used for eating food.
FridgeAn electric kitchen appliance used for storing food and keeping it cool.
Frying panA large pan used for frying food in oil.
GlassA glass container used for drinking beverages.
JarA glass container with a lid used for storing preserved foods.
KettleAn electric device used for boiling water.
Kitchen chairA type of chair used in the kitchen for sitting while eating.
Kitchen tableA table used for dining and preparing food.
KnifeA kitchen utensil used for cutting and slicing food.
MicrowaveA microwave device that heats and cooks foods quickly.
MugA larger cup with a handle, used for drinking hot beverages.
OvenA kitchen utensil used for baking and heating food.
PlateAn oval dish used for eating and serving food.
SinkA basin with a faucet used for washing dishes and distinct kitchen utensils.
SpoonA deep round shape, used for eating and serving food.
StoveA kitchen large device used for cooking.
Tea makerA device used for making tea.
Vacuum cleanerAn electric device used for cleaning surfaces.

Let’s examine here are example sentences about Kitchen Furniture Vocabulary in order to learn more details.
Accidentally Laura threw her makeup products to bin when Laura told work rumors to her colleagues.
Do not stir the soup, I will add it to cookie dough and I will mix them together with a blender for street cats and dogs.
These days I love to have dinner with the popular Asian bowl with rice, soya sauce and tuna fish.
My little child used to climb into the cabinets like a spider man.
Every morning my mother makes me espresso with our coffee machine, but I can not wake up from two espresso shots.
I like shopping for steel cups for drinking cold beverages as they are minimalist and eco-friendly items against the excessiveness of marketism.
Could you use less dish soap while washing dishes?
My little brother wants to help my mother while is being unloaded the dishwasher.
Mainly because of their culture, all of the Asian countries use chopsticks rather than eating with forks.
Are there any meats for dinner in the fridge?
Electrical frying pans are healthier and more economical than ordinary frying pans.
There is one only thing I remember from my childhood, big Coca-cola glass items recalls my happy and old days.
After the breakup, Elton will always remember a jar of strawberry jam which was mesmerizing to his ex-boyfriend.
My grandma enjoys eating spicy tteokbokki and she can cook it with a kettle.
My spouse and I are trying to reorganize home designing. That’s why we purchased Kitchen chair and table with a minimalist style.
She cuts her finger when chopping onions with a knife.
Microwaves are a practical choice for those who do not want to use a lot of time for cooking.
My favorite mug is broken so I am trying to order it, but it is out of stock from Amazon.
My younger brother is able to cook spicy chicken food with potatoes in the oven.
Do not throw any broken plates away because we repair them by gluing them with the Kingsuti art.
The sink is leaking. We should call for a repair immediately.
The baby was playing with his spoon on the table while eating.
I forgot the pot on the stove yesterday.
Using a tea maker is more practical than making tea manually.
My cat Jedi is afraid of the vacuum cleaner’s disturbances every time I try to clean the house.

Living Room Furniture Vocabulary

We have prepared a table mostly used in Living Room Furniture Vocabulary and its meanings that they are useful to you.

Living Room Furniture VocabularyMeanings
ArmchairA chair with armrests, designed to sit for one person.
BookshelfA piece of furniture with shelves used for displaying items.
CarpetA fabric floor covering that protects a room.
ClockA device that displays time.
Coffee tableA small table placed in front of a sofa, used for placing decorative items.
CouchAn upholstered furniture designed for sitting multiple people.
CurtainA piece of fabric used to cover windows.
Entertainment centerA piece of furniture designed to house audio and video equipment such as television.
Indoor plantsPotted plants placed indoors
LightA piece of floor lamp used to enlighten the living room.
MirrorA reflective surface used for decorative purposes.
PaintingA work of art used for decoration on the wall.
TelevisionAn electronic device used for watching multimedia content on a screen.

Let’s examine here are example sentences about Living Room Furniture Vocabulary in order to learn more details.
Due to working hard, Marco fell asleep in the armchair.
Laura does not like reorganizing her bookshelf, so she will buy a-kindle for reading.
When the baby started crawling, she spoiled the carpet drawing with a pen.
My fragile cat Lucky can not bear hearing the clock ticking.
Because of being a fan of Lego, I manifested that I wish I could have Lego flowers on my coffee table.
As soon as I arrive at home, I become a couch potato.
He was so disturbed by all the sounds from the outside that he angrily pulled the living room curtains.
After the tornado hit the city which we live in, our entertainment center tore apart last year.
My friends presented to me indoor plants with foliage and succulents that are my favorite.
Smart sensored light bulbs include a lot of functions such as electric savings for those who want to reduce the consumption of a house.
The first time the baby saw himself in front of the mirror, he was shocked by his appearance.
I hung some minimalist paintings on my living room wall in order to embrace my guests.
Michael likes watching trend videos and multimedia content on television.

Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Furniture?

What is mostly used in Bathroom Furniture?

These are mostly used in Bathroom vocabulary: bathtub, towel, bathroom cabinet, bath mat and mirror, etc.

What is mostly used in Bedroom Furniture?

These are bed, curtain, computer, blanket, bedside table and air purifier, etc.

What is mostly used in Kitchen Furniture?

These are bin, blender, bowl, mug, glass, dishwasher and refrigerator, etc.

What is mostly used in Living Room Furniture?

These are an armchair, bookshelf, carpet, clock, television, and entertainment center, etc.

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