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Daily English
English Grammar

How Much – How Many

When learning English, it can be difficult to learn the difference between how much and how many. It’s essential to learn how to discuss quantity and amount in English, we generally use the usage of how much and how many to inquire about them, depending on whether objects are uncountable or countable nouns.

What is the Difference Between How Much and How Many?

The main difference between how many and how much is countability, because how much is used with uncountable nouns such as water, rice, information, love, fear and religion, etc. The choice between “how many” and “how much” depends on whether the noun is countable or uncountable in English.

How much is used to describe the quantity and amount of uncountable nouns or mass nouns such as water and rice, as well as intangible objects like love, fear, and joy. Furthermore, it can be used to ask about the price of an object. How many, on the other hand, is used to describe the quantity and amount of countable nouns, such as books, rooms, and concrete objects.

Using How Much

How much is used with uncountable nouns and is followed by an auxiliary verb, a main verb, and an object. Here is the formula:

How much + uncountable nouns + auxiliary verb + verb + object

For example:

How much rice do you need to cook for dinner?
How much does he love her?
How much are these trousers?
How much energy do you use in your home?
How much information is safe on the Internet?
How much honey is harmful for infants?

Using How Many

How many is used with countable nouns and is followed by an auxiliary verb, a main verb, and an object. Here is the formula:

How many + countable nouns + auxiliary verb + verb + object

For example:

How many rooms did you paint?
How many pages does the book have?
How many bananas did you eat?
How many books has she finished to prepare her final project?
How many dresses did you buy for the celebration?
How many projects will have to be completed by November?

What are uncountable nouns in English?

In English, uncountable nouns refer to objects or substances that cannot be counted individually because they are considered as whole and mass things. Here is a table of some uncountable nouns that is useful to you.

Uncountable NounsExample
AdviceHe wants too much advice to flirt with women from his friends.
AggressionHe has so much aggression that leads to his mental sickness.
AssistanceHow much assistance do you need to pass your final exam?
AttentionHe is full of attention, that's why he can finish the Medicine department.
AccommodationHow much accommodation did Lisa get?
ArtHow much art do you appreciate?
BloodHe lost a lot of blood during the accident.
BaconI cooked some bacon for lunch.
BaggageThe airplane lost some baggage during the flight.
ButterThere is not much butter to cook for pasta.
BeerI have some beer to celebrate my success
BreadThere is no bread for children.
CakeThere is some cake left in the kitchen.
CashI have no cash to purchase the Louis Vuitton bag.
ConfidenceHe lost some confidence to speak to anyone.
CorruptionIs there any corruption in the government?
CheeseI bought some cheese for breakfast.
ChocolateThe baby loves to eat chocolate.
CottonCotton is used to make fabrics.
DangerFeeling some danger triggers their survival instincts in the world.
DarknessThe room was filled with darkness.
DeterminationHis determination to succeed is amazing.
DepressionShe has struggled with depression for years.
EnergyAfter the gym, he needs a lot of energy returning back to the home.
EnvyHer love turned into much envy rather than being in love with her flirt.
FaithHe has faith to manifest his dreams.
FictionShe made up a lot of fiction about being a hero for herself.
FlourDo you have any flour for baking?
GarlicI need some garlic to put in my dinner recipe.
GoldGold is a precious material charming to women.
GossipHe makes a lot of gossip about his girlfriend's family.
HelpDo you have any help studying for your final project?
HealthMaintaining good health is important to sustain living quality.
HoneyEating honey is harmful and to be allergic to the infants.
HistoryShe enjoys reading history because she thinks that history rewrites itself in every period of the world.
IceCould you give me some ice to put in my coffee.
InformationThere is a lot of information available on social media.
JewelryShe is so fond of jewelry that she buys it to make herself happy.
KindnessShowing some kindness to others is a virtue.
LaughterThe baby’s laughter echoed through the room.
MoneyI don’t have much money to accumulate right now.
MilkIs there much milk left in the fridge?
NewsI have heard the news that I got a promotion from my company.
OilOil prices have been increasing recently.
PoetryShe loves reading well-known poetry.
ReligionReligion plays a main role in many people’s lives.
RubbishThe street was littered with rubbish.
SpaceOuter space is still a mystery despite having some technological innovations.
SugarShe drinks her coffee with sugar.
SunshineThe sunshine makes him smile when he sees sunshine.
TimeIs there too much time to catch up with the bus?
TeaDrinking green tea is healthier than red tea.
UnityUnity among basketball team members is crucial for success.
ViolenceSome violence triggers trauma which influences someone’s lives forever.
WaterBecause of drought, the animals need water.
WoodThe furniture is made of wood.
YouthYouth innovations bring energy behind them.

NOTE: Specifically, these nouns are considered uncountable because they are not used with numbers like one and three, etc. Instead, you express quantity using terms such as “much”, “some”, “a lot of” or generally refer to them in their unqualified form to describe amounts.

Example Sentences For Using How Much

Here are some example sentences for using how much for you.

How much beer did you drink yesterday?
How much homework will you do today?
How much kindness do you show to others?
How much poetry are you going to read?
How much water do you need to drink?
How much do you love babies?
How much is this Louis Vuitton bag?
How much phobia do you have?
How much news about Kevin’s health situation have you ever heard?
How much gossip did she hear about the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Deep?.

When learning how to use “How Much”, it’s useful to be familiar with some quantifiers used with uncountable nouns. These quantifiers help in expressing approximate quantities when dealing with uncountable nouns. Examples of such quantifiers include “a bit”, “a great deal of”, “a large quantity of”,“a large amount of”, “a little”, “little” and “very little”, etc. Here are some examples:

I ate a slice of chocolate because I am on a diet.
I need a large amount of money to sustain my life.
I need a large quantity of money to pay my debts.
I have little money so I can’t study in the university.
After all this happened, she drank a glass of water.
I can eat a bar of chocolate with my kids.
We have little rice.
We have no rice.
There is a large amount of flavor on the kitchen floor.

Example Sentences For Using How Many

beds does she have to accommodate someone?
How many children are in the park?
How many cinema tickets did she buy watching with her friends?
How many hours are left to go to work?
How many cats will you have?
How many apples did she eat?
How many cars will he purchase for his wedding anniversary?
How many programs will be scheduled by him?
How many music festivals are there in Ankara for this month?
How many artists do you like?

Additionally, it’s useful to know some quantifiers mostly used with countable nouns, if you want to indicate specific quantities of the countable nouns, these quantifiers help to describe them. The following quantifiers may be used with countable nouns: (not) many, a number of, a majority of, a third of, a quarter of, few, a few, none of the and both, etc. Let’s explore these quantifiers with example sentences:

How many people are at the music festival?
There is a majority of people at the music festival.
How many cats do you have?
I have a few cats.
There are many rooms for our guests.
In recent years, a majority of people have been dealing with high prices for living because of high inflation in the world.
In the survey, a third of Netflixusers have complained about the increase of subscription payments.
A quarter of the cake is chocolate and the rest is vanilla with strawberry.
Few people satisfy living standards beyond dreams.
Few of the students were able to solve this complex physics problem.
None of the contestants can pass the audition.
Both of the horror films that you recommended were disgusting.
Many people are skilled at discovering new hobbies.

There are quantifiers that can be used for both countable and uncountable nouns including “all of”, “most of the”, “some”, “plenty of”, “lack of”, and “enough”, etc. Let’s examine these quantifiers with example sentences.

For example:

I have a lot of time.
I have plenty of time.
I have enough time.
How many friends do you have?
I have a lot of friends.
I have plenty of friends.
I have enough friends to enjoy my time.
Do you have enough money?
No, I have some money.
How much jewelry do you have in your bedroom?
There is a lack of jewelry since I lent my friend.
Most of the people are sick due to seasonal allergies.
I had some books but I borrowed them.
There is some water in the lake for the animals.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much and How Many

What is the difference between How Much and How Many?

The difference is countability between How Much and How Many. How much is used to identify non-countable or mass words like water, flour, bread, joy by describing their quantity and amounts, we should use How Much with the qualifiers such as any, much, some, no, etc. How many is used to identify countable words like apples, beds, rooms.

What are uncountable objects?

These are uncountable objects and nouns such as flour, rice, water, coffee, love, envy, imagination, gold, news and money.

What is the form of How Many and How Much?

How many is used with countable nouns and is followed by an auxiliary verb, a main verb, and an object.

How much is used with uncountable nouns and is followed by an auxiliary verb, a main verb, and an object.

Is money a countable or uncountable noun?

Money cannot be counted individually. That’s why money is an uncountable noun also used with the phrase of much.

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