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How to Improve Listening Skills in English: 10 Tips

You might be wondering how to get better at understanding English when there are so many options available. There are lots of online classes and ways to learn, but it can be a little confusing at first.
The happy news is that this article has many ways to get better at understanding English when people talk. Just keep reading to learn some easy ways to improve your listening skills.

Focus on active listening

Have you ever listened to people talking, but not really paying attention so you didn’t understand what they were saying? That’s because you weren’t actively listening. Active listening means really focusing on what is being said, while passive listening is just hearing the words without really thinking about them.
Just listening and not actively trying to understand won’t help you get better at listening in English. It’s like if your friend is upset and talking to you in your language, you can just listen. But to get better at English, you need to do more than just listen.
Active listeners are people who pay attention and ask questions when someone is talking. If you have a hard time listening, you can write down questions to ask later.
When you’re taking notes, don’t write down everything the speaker says exactly. Instead, write down the most important ideas and new words in your own words. This helps your brain remember the information better and learn new words easier.

Listen to as much English as possible

The most important thing is to start. If you want to get really good at something, you have to work hard at it. For example, if you want to understand English better, you should listen to it a lot. At first, you might not understand anything, but after a few weeks, it will start to make sense.
The easiest way to practice is by listening to songs. You can choose any songs you like, even ones by famous singers like Madonna, Beyoncé, or Nirvana. Start by reading the words of the song and looking up any words you don’t know. Then, listen to the song over and over again. This will help you learn how to say the words correctly and understand what they mean in different situations. The great thing is, it won’t be boring!
Another way to practice is by watching movies and shows in their original language. It may be difficult at first, so it’s best to start with simpler ones. It’s important to avoid using subtitles because they can take your focus away from learning. If you’re not confident in your language skills, try watching cartoons or Disney movies. They are made for children and have easier language to understand. You can also check out EnglishCentral’s YouTube channel, where learning English meets fun.

Learn vocabulary and idioms

Some people enjoy making long lists of words to learn, but many find it boring or even painful. The good news is there are other ways to learn new words in English. The important thing is to find a method that works well for you.

If you are someone who learns best by looking at pictures or drawings, you can use photos or drawings to help you learn. If you learn better by listening to things, you can find a song you like or even make up your own song to help you remember. There are also some websites that have flashcards which can be helpful for people who like to see things. No matter how you learn, it’s important to find online resources that have both written words and spoken words so you can learn the language in a full and complete way.

Have conversations

To get better at understanding English when people speak, it’s really helpful to have conversations with people who speak English well. It might be scary at first, but talking to people who are native English speakers or are really good at English will make you improve a lot.
Talking to others regularly can make you feel happier and less lonely. Even just a quick chat with someone you know can make you enjoy learning new words and languages more, and make you want to keep learning.
Talking to someone who speaks English very well can be scary, but it can also help us become better at listening and remembering words. Even if you don’t know a lot of words, practicing with someone can help you learn new ones and feel more confident.
If you need someone to practice with, we’ve got you covered! EnglishCentral is an AI-powered English learning platform specifically designed to help you improve your spoken English. You can have one-on-one live lessons whenever and wherever you want, among hundreds of teachers who are experts in their fields. In addition to one-on-one lessons, you can also attend group lessons with students from all over the world.

Learn different accents

English is a language spoken in lots of countries, and when people speak it, they can sound different depending on where they’re from. In school, kids usually learn two main ways of speaking English – one that sounds like how people in England talk and one that sounds like how people in America talk. These two ways of speaking sound very different from each other.
In places where people speak English, they might have different ways of saying words. Even people who speak the same way can sound different. It’s important to practice listening and understanding words, even when they sound a little different than what you’re used to.
One way to improve your language skills is to listen to different ways people speak. You can do this by listening to songs by singers from different countries, like Adele from England or Sia from Australia. You can also watch TV shows from different places, but make sure to pick ones that are right for your level of learning.
Another fun idea is to watch and listen to interviews with famous people. Did you know that many actors and actresses have different accents? For example, Jamie Dornan, who played Christian Grey, is from Ireland and has a great Irish accent. Margot Robbie is from Australia and has a unique Australian way of speaking. Even Henry Cavill, who played Superman, has a British accent. If you want to get better at understanding different accents, try listening to your favorite celebrities – it will help you out in the future.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Making mistakes is a normal part of learning. They help us learn and remember things better. It’s okay to make mistakes when we are learning. But what mistakes can we make when we are listening?
When people don’t speak a language very well, they worry about not understanding the person they are talking to. They think it’s a big problem if they hear words wrong and understand them in the wrong way. But we want to tell you that it’s okay. You don’t need to be scared of making mistakes – every mistake you make will help you learn and get better in the future.
This advice is for when you are talking to real people who speak English, like your friends. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the words or can’t understand everything they say. If you tell them you are learning, they will understand and help you by repeating things or talking slower if you need them to.

Track your progress

To get better at understanding English when people talk, you need to check if your plan is working. After each time you learn, write down how you practiced, how much you understood, and any new words you learned. At the end of the week, think about what you learned and how well you did. You can give yourself a score from 1 to 10. As time goes on, you’ll see a pattern in how you’re getting better, and you’ll know which exercises are helping you the most.

Make a plan

Now, it’s time to come up with a plan to reach your goal. Everyone’s plan will be different, so think about how you like to learn. Do you prefer pictures or songs? Do you like to remember rules or learn from stories?
To get better at listening to English, it’s helpful to use different ways of learning and practicing. You can figure out how you learn best and use that to make a plan for getting better at listening to English.
A schedule is like a plan that helps you know what you need to do and when. It’s like a to-do list for each day or week. It can help you stay focused on the things you need to do to learn a new language. For example, you might have a schedule that says you need to practice speaking, reading, and writing every day.
Listen to a podcast in English with words written down, then listen again without the words, and finally write about what you heard and practice speaking it out loud. Stick to this routine to get better at understanding English.

Vary your listening speed

If you want to get better at understanding English when people talk, you need to practice listening at different speeds. It might be hard to understand fast talk at first, but you won’t get better if you only listen to easy stuff. Start slow and work your way up to faster talking.
You can make videos play faster or slower using tools online. On YouTube, you can go to “Settings” and “Speed” to change it. If you’re using iTunes, go to “Preferences,” then “Playback,” and pick a speed from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Improve Listening Skills in English

What’s a practical way to enhance English listening skills?

Engage in regular listening practice by tuning into English podcasts, audiobooks, or watching English movies with subtitles.

How can one improve comprehension while listening to English?

Actively listen for keywords and context clues to grasp the overall meaning, and don’t hesitate to pause and replay sections for better understanding.

Are there any interactive methods to boost English listening skills?

Yes, try language exchange programs or online platforms where you can converse with native English speakers to practice listening and speaking simultaneously.

What role does varied content play in improving English listening abilities?

Diversifying the types of content you listen to, such as news broadcasts, TED Talks, or interviews, exposes you to different accents, speeds, and topics, enhancing overall comprehension skills.

Would you like to put what you have learned into practice? You can access everything you need to learn English on a single platform! With 25-minute one-on-one live English lessons, 40-minute group lessons, more than 30,000 interactive videos, vocabulary learning tools, AI-supported tutor MiMi, quizzes, and interactive activities, EnglishCentral offers its users a personalized and quality education plan at an affordable price. How about registering for EnglishCentral now and starting to learn English?

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