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Daily English
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The EnglishCentral Difference for English Corporate Training

The EnglishCentral Difference for English Corporate Training

EnglishCentral delivers premium live English lessons enhanced by AI-driven e-learning, specially designed for Corporate English training. Using a vast collection of 30,000+ video lessons, customized study plans, progress tracking, AI-powered technology, and live lessons, employees master the skills necessary to achieve English conversational fluency in a professional setting.

30,000+ Video Lessons

The largest collection of authentic videos used for English learning anywhere (the “YouTube for Language Learning”), leveled into 7 CEFR levels, and covering over 50 topics and learning goals.

Customized Study Plans

Study plans designed to meet each learner’s objective, with 7 levels of business English, and specialized topics for conducting meetings, negotiation, intercultural communication and more.

Measuring Progress

Daily and weekly progress tracking and final Level Tests certify progress for administrators via our learning management system (LMS). Learners earn certifications mapped to levels for CEFR TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS.

AI-powered Technology

IntelliSpeech technology powers our AI-ChatBot, which enables conversation practice on key business topics and tasks, and gives instant feedback on pronunciation, fluency and grammar.

1-on-1 and Group Lessons

Live 1-on-1 Lessons and Group Lessons provide 24/7 opportunities for learners to try out what they have learned in the video lesson with a trained teacher.

Larisa Derya, Business Development Representative, larisa.kilic@englishcentral.com, Phone: +90 (538) 085 68 32

Contact us for more information or to request a demo.