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What’s New in 2024 for English Language Corporate Training

What’s New in 2024 for English Language Corporate Training!

We’re excited to introduce several new innovative features for Corporate customers for English Training on EnglishCentral:

1. Conversational ChatBot MiMi.

We launched MiMi, our AI-powered ChatBot, seamlessly integrated into over 30,000 video lessons on EnglishCentral. Following each video, learners practice actual conversations with MiMi in contexts specific to the corporate setting, on topics such as meetings, negotiations, cross-cultural communication and more. Furthermore, MiMi guides interactions with prompts that encourage employees to share their personal perspectives, express opinions, and relate video content to their professional experiences. These prompts are also aligned with internationally-recognized CEFR “can do” levels, allowing organizations to measure progress in communicative language skills throughout the semester.

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2. Live! Group Lessons.

We are excited to introduce Group Lessons for corporate teams of up to eight participants as part of our Live! Lessons. Group Lessons offer a cost-effective solution for organizations, providing employees with valuable conversational practice with certified teachers. This allows each team member to engage in live conversations with experienced human tutors. Companies have the flexibility to schedule group lessons at fixed times with designated groups of employees or opt for an “open enrollment” approach, enabling employees to join lessons at their proficiency level alongside participants from around the world.

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3. Computer Adaptive Level Test.

Our upgraded Level Test and Level Up Test now feature Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology. This enhancement allows for a one-third reduction in test length compared to previous fixed-length formats, all while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. Companies can utilize this CAT version of the Level Test both at the beginning of the semester to assess language proficiency and as a final assessment to measure progress at the end of the semester.

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Interested in exploring these new features firsthand? Request a demo with one of our educational consultants.